26th June 2020

RE: Reception children returning to school

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am pleased to be able to tell you that Public Health England have now advised Liverpool Council that it is safe to open school wider to welcome back some children in the next few weeks. Therefore, we will be inviting reception children back to school on Wednesday 1st July. Our teachers are really excited and are looking forward to seeing all the smiling faces and finding out all the exciting things that the children have learnt with their families during lockdown.

Before you return though, I need to just explain a few things about what school will be like when you do come back because unfortunately, due to Covid 19, the government has asked us to make a few changes to help keep you and your families safe. I’m sure you already know lots about social distancing and this is a big part of the changes we have had to make. We know that younger children find this really challenging, but we will teach them through fun games and songs about trying to keep apart. We have a detailed risk assessment that you can find on Weduc and our website that will tell you all the controls we have had to put in place.

One of the biggest is the restriction on the number of children that we are advised to have in each class bubble and our risk assessment has identified smaller than normal bubble groups. The government have told us that we can only have a maximum of 15 in each class, but in St Oswald’s we do not have the space required for 15, so our numbers are much smaller than that.

Prior to giving out all of our arrangements, it would be really helpful for our planning to know if you are sending your child back to school before the summer holiday. The more information we have the more we can prepare to welcome them back. So, can I ask that you fill in the questionnaire that can be found on our website and Weduc.

On our website and Weduc, you will also find an updated Code of Conduct and Home School Agreement in line with COVID 19.

Thanking you in advance,

Mrs D Hay

Download: Reception Wider Reopening Letter [PDF]