3rd July 2020

RE: Wider opening & transition



Dear Parents/Carers,


I wanted to keep in touch to let you know what has been happening in school. We have been filling up with children returning very quickly over the past few weeks, we have managed to invite back Nursery, Reception, Year 1, year 6 and on Monday opening for some year 2 children, this is in addition to key workers and vulnerable children. The children have returned full of smiles and staff have been delighted to welcome them.


It has been a mammoth task arranging furniture and staff rotas to make sure we comply with the current government requirements for safe opening; obviously places are limited for children as we must comply with social distancing. That is why it has been vital that families to book places for children via Weduc or our school website. After Year 2 returns, sadly, we do not have any further capacity to open for additional year groups.  The children in the year groups not coming back to school should continue to access on line learning or paper packs until the summer break.


On another matter, I am now in the position of telling you which teachers will be taking classes in September, we have had a little move around so some staff are in a new year group. As stated previously, your children will all receive a transition booklet with information about their new classes. Your child’s new teacher will be contacting you to say hello and introduce themselves.


  New Teacher Receiving current class
Year 1 Mr Mosaid Mr Crowther’s RJ
  Mrs Jones Mr Cumming’s RC
  Miss Hughes Miss Forde RF
Year 2 Mrs Hindley Mr Mosaid’s 1MD
  Mrs Moscardini Miss Hughes’ 1HH
  Miss Guy Mrs Jones’ 1AJ
Year 3 Mrs Townley nee Wall Miss Denson’s 2RD
  Miss Duncan Mrs Hindley’s 2HI
  Mr Bradshaw Mrs Moscardini’s 2LM
Year 4 Mr Murray Miss Duncan’s 3LY
  Miss Denson Mr Loughran’s 3JR
  Miss Donegan Miss Wall’s 3NW
Year 5 Mrs Black Miss Guy’s 4SG
  Miss Kirwan Miss Donegan’s 4LD
  Mr Wall Mr Murray’s 4PM
Year 6 Mr Dunn Mr Bradshaw’s 5BW
  Mr Loughran Mrs Black’s 5AB
  Miss Jones Miss Jones’ 5JJ


Hopefully, we can all look forward to some normality in September, and we will ensure that all the children are happy in their new year groups.


Yours sincerely


Mrs Walsh