2nd October 2020


Dear Parents/Carers

Safeguarding Our Children in School

At St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School we strive to be a safe and caring school family and visitors regularly comment on our strong relationships with each other.  I am writing in response to a number of queries in relation to collecting children from school.  As part of our responsibility to safeguard our children in school, can I request you abide to the following:-

  • If someone different from usual is collecting your child, please inform the teacher on duty in the morning or phone the school office as early as possible.  We will not allow a child to go home with an adult we do not know.
  • If you have a number of children to collect you must go to each classroom/year group exit door.
  • Please be patient if you have a question at the end of the day, we ask for you to wait until all of the children have been collected and stand back from the classroom door so children can leave safely.
  • Our school grounds are also dog and smoke free zones.  We ask that you do not smoke near our entrance gates too.
  • Masks on school grounds are compulsory, and social distancing should be practised.
  • Our children follow the rule of ‘kind hands, kind words and kind feet’ we ask you to respect this as adults and refrain from using inappropriate language on our school grounds.
  • Please inform school if your child is ill and therefore going to be absent from school.
  • If you have a few family members/different family friends who regularly collect children, please complete the form overleaf so we can pass this information onto the class teacher.

Can I also remind families that with new local lockdown rules children should only be picked up by household members and adults from support bubbles. Official child minders are allowed to pick up as usual.

I am sure that as Parents and Carers you will realise that the safety of the children is the most important factor in any decisions taken in school.  Please take these measures as a positive that school is working hard at ensuring we reach the highest standard of safeguarding.

Yours sincerely

Mrs M Walsh