2nd November 2020

Free School Meal Entitlement

 RE: Provision in the case of a bubble/class being sent home to isolate

Dear parents/Carers,

I hope that you all had a good half term with your children and managed to do something fun and relaxing.

In the event of a class or year group being sent home due to a positive covid case, we have made arrangements with our catering company to provide food boxes to those families who are entitled to benefit related free school meals. The boxes contain food that can be used to make lunches at home, last time there was bread, potatoes, onions, cheese, pasta, rice etc. so all good produce which would enable your child to have a nutritious meal. The boxes would be available from the 2nd day after the classes being sent home, office staff will be in touch to ask if the boxes are wanted.

In the event of singular children isolating due to family or community links then a packed lunch bag can be ordered daily from the school offices and picked up by a family member. I must remind you that children who have been sent home to isolate must not be brought to the school premises, this is to protect the rest of our school community.

Let us pray that we have a safe half term and these provisions are not necessary.


Mrs M Walsh


Free school meal boxes