5th February 2021

Dear Parents & Carers,

I wanted to write to thank you all for the wonderful response to the letter from the local authority asking families to rethink any child care arrangements you have, in order that we can keep the numbers of children in school down. St Oswald’s has approx. 24% of our children in school currently, this is in comparison to 20% nationally. I think it is important to keep reminding ourselves of the reason’s schools were closed to all but essential key workers supporting the covid response and vulnerable children, and that we all need to support the fight against this horrible virus by sticking to the rules. I know that life is really hard for everyone at the moment, and children are not feeling great stuck at home away from their friends, but please God it won’t be for much longer and I look forward to full school reopening in the not too distant future.

Remote learning is going really well with the vast majority of children logging on daily or working through paper packs. The staff are always on the learning platforms to help and support and have been very impressed with the children’s’ work at home.

On another note, next week is the last week that our Home/School liaison officer Mrs Hyland will be working in St Oswald’s, she has been snapped up by the mental health team in Alder Hey, a real testament to her skill. Mrs Hyland has been an essential part of our safeguarding and pastoral support team since 2011, so has worked with hundreds of our families. I know that those who have had a direct relationship with her will join me in congratulating her on her new role but also thank her for all the love and support she has given our community.

We are currently recruiting for someone to fill her position in school but those are big shoes to fill!! I will keep you updated when we employ a replacement.

Mrs Hyland wanted to say a goodbye herself so I have attached her letter below.

Mrs Hyland’s Leaving letter