19th March 2021

Merit Assembly

Class Behaviour Star of the Week Writer Quackers
Nursery AM Caelan Fiore Lucy L
Nursery PM Matias Lily S Alfie K
RC George A Jenson Scarlett P Ruby S
RF JJ Tilly Ivy Polly
RJ Charlotte M James C Cara Stevie Lou
1MD Daisy O Charlie M Lucen Sophie W
1HH Grace R Sarah N Lilia Lucas
1AJ Zach Maria R Alfie W Phoebe J
2HI Amber H Penny E Max Sonny
2LM Summer O Mason W Joseph I Amy B
2SG Sadie Rose Clayton I Issy


Birthdays Mia (1HH)

School Councillor

1AJ – Xavier and Phoebe

1MD – Sophie and Jude

1HH – Grace and Lucas

2LM – Ava and Bobby

2HI – Max and Grace

2SG – Lacey Lou and Ethan