16th September 2021

Welcome to Year 5!

This year we our teachers are:

5EC – Miss Clinton
5LD – Miss Donegan
5JW – Mr Wall

The start of term has been really positive and filled with new learning and experiences.
In our English topic, we have been looking at Instructions, through this the children have created instructions in chronological order and even tested them out on their friends!

In maths, the children are working very hard on their fluency skills and place value. The children both at home and in school are consolidating knowledge of their times tables, which are extremely important for maths in Year 5!

History has taken us back in time to how the Transatlantic Slave Trade had an effect on our city! We have began to look at how important Liverpool as a city was to the Slave Trade and how our port was a vital part!

We are travelling to SPACE!!! In our Science topic, we are learning all about our Solar System and comparing other planets to Earth! The children have designed their own planet, focusing on the atmosphere and showing curiosity as to whether or not there will be life on their planet!

The children have enjoyed learning the fundamentals of Tag Rugby and have shown great enthusiasm in applying this skill to a game! We have also started swimming, which is a vital life skill for all children!

In computing, we are creating animated films using Flip Books (just like Chicken Run!) The children are excited to see their final product!

All of the children have made a fantastic start to Year 5 and we are glad to have them back!