13th October 2021

This Week we did Maths, English, Science, R.E and history. In R.E we learned how forgiveness is an essential part of unconditional love. In basic skills we revised rounding and rounded up to any number. We have been working to use bar models in maths and this week really enjoyed working with partners, partitioning numbers using Cuisenaire rods. On Tuesday, In English we focused on grammar and punctuation, using colons and semi-colons for a variety of reasons. In Maths we understood two numbers can be related additively and multiplicatively and to solve problems using representations. For History we put ourselves in the shoes of evacuees from Liverpool, using hot-seating to get an understanding of how they felt. We then wrote a letter back home as an evacuee. In science we learned about the digestive system and its functions. For Pe this week we developed our skills in gymnastics, and attempted to do handstands and cartwheels. It was really fun. Our week ended with praise assembly on Friday where we announced the Head boy and Head Girl. We were all really excited and the candidates all did amazingly!