Nursery Hellos 2020

Hello everyone, Mrs Parkinson and Mrs Greer really enjoyed talking to you all last week on the phone. Lots of you said that you were missing your friends so we thought, how can we help you to see your friends? We decided to make this slide show so that you can see all of your friends and teachers. We miss you so much and are so very proud of you all staying at home and keeping safe with your families.

Take care and keep on having lots of fun.

Mrs Greer and Mrs Parkinson

Download: Nursery Hellos 2020 [PowerPoint]

A message from your teachers

Good Morning Nursery. Your teachers are missing you all lots. Here we are saying hello.


A message from Mrs Greer

A letter for Mrs Greer’s nursery children

A message from Mrs Parkinson

A letter to nursery from Mrs Parkinson

A message from Mrs Parkinson

A letter to the Nursery children from Mrs Parkinson.

Download: Dear Nursery Children [PDF]

World Book Day

Maths Parent Workshop

Dental Hygiene and Tooth Brushing

Mouse Club – Morning Session

Music with Mrs Dawson