School Council: What’s Happened So Far?

Both the infant and junior school councils have met both in their own schools and together.

The first joint school council meeting involved councillors introducing themselves and then working together to discuss possible projects for the future.

Ideas included…

  • Maths games to play outside
  • More playground toys
  • Charity fundraising
  • Golden time on Friday
  • More school trips
  • Astro turf
  • Reading buddies with infants / maths buddies
  • Football tournaments
  • Bigger hot dinners!!!! (a few said this)
  • More visitors to school
  • Tell a teacher station
  • Toy collection before Christmas for charity
  • Fruit at playtime
  • Playtimes with infants
  • Litter picking in and around school
  • Astro turf pitches for football
  • Buddies with infants for reading and maths games

All ideas will be given careful consideration and decisions will be made on which areas to focus on initially.