Year Group Overview

Download: Year 6 – Summer Overview 2021 [PDF]
Download: Year 6 – Spring Overview 2021 [PDF]
Download: Year 6 – Autumn Overview 2020 [PDF]
Download: Year 6 – Yearly Overview 2020-21 [PDF]
Download: Year 6 – Long Term Plan 2019-20 [PDF]

Brief Overview

It doesn’t seem more that long ago your children starting in reception, here they are embarking on their final year at primary school. Year six is a challenging year; the best way to describe it is like a roller coaster ride!

In year six we do have the challenge of SATs and we work really hard to ensure that ALL the children have the best opportunity possible to achieve their full potential. However, we also try to ensure that we have fun along the way and provide the children with some lasting memories!

Developing independence is a really important part of being in Year Six. We are very aware that part of our role in school is to prepare our children for their move to secondary school and with this in mind much of the year six curriculum encourages responsibility and independence. From the moment the children enter year six they are responsible for their own learning, expectations are high and they are encouraged to work independently.

Responsibilities are also earned in the form of prefects, play leaders and advocates.

Timetables Practice- Year 6 children are expected to know all of their multiplication tables up to 12×12. This should be practised regularly at home.

Daily Reading-This should be 15 minutes with someone at home and Reading Records must be signed and dated.

Homework in Year 6

Homework Schedule 2019-20

Homework is given on a Friday and is due back in on the following Wednesday.

Homework consists of:

  • A piece of English – SPAG mainly
  • A piece of Maths
  • Multiplication facts (Times tables)
  • Spelling

Additional Information

Download: KS2 SATS – A School Presentation for Parents [PDF]