Welcome to Nursery

Starting nursery can be a big step for both children and their families. In nursery we understand that children will settle in different ways and that some will settle more quickly than others. We are here to support you on this journey and working together we will ensure that your children have a wonderful time with us, making friends and learning new skills. You will have a new starter pack to complete before your child starts with us and we ask that you bring this with you on your first day so that your child’s teacher and key worker have all of the essential information about your child and can help them to settle in. The ‘all about me’ pages are very important and this tells us about your child’s interests from which we will try to plan their learning in the first few days and weeks where possible.

We have a great Nursery team consisting of Mrs Greer (Head of Nursery and Nursery Teacher), Mrs Parkinson (Nursery Teacher), Mrs Reading (Nursery Teacher), Mrs McCourt, Miss Hewitt, Miss Kelly, Miss Owens, and Miss Eagleton (Early Years Practitioners).
Children will be assigned a key worker in nursery who will work with your child in small groups and 1:1 however we work closely as a team and if you have any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to see any member of our team.

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to sharing your child’s early learning journey with you throughout the year.