Year Group Overview

Download: Year 3 – Yearly Overview 2019-20 [PDF]
Download: Year 3 – Spring Overview 2019-20 [PDF]
Download: Year 3 – Autumn Overview 2019-20 [PDF]
Download: Year 3 – Long Term Plan 2019-20 [PDF]

Brief Overview

Year 3 is the start of our journey through the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum which we cover until the end of Year 6. Please see the links below for further information and specific curriculum subject areas.

Homework in Year 3

Homework is given out weekly every Friday; this will usually consist of 2 pieces of work, related to the topics the children have been studying that week, and this due in the following Wednesday. The children will also receive a set of spellings linked to a spelling rule that we have been practising. Spelling tests will take place later on the following week.

Every half term we will give out a project based homework to be completed during that week; we aim to make this project fun and flexible where adults may like to get involved with their child’s learning.

If there are ever any problems with completing homework or your child is struggling, please tell them to come in and ask their teacher for help before the deadline day; this gives teachers the chance to help your child and mark it before needing to hand out homeworks again.

We encourage reading to be done every night and reading records signed and dated. Children need to bring these into school every day for silent reading or target reading sessions.