Year Group Overview

Download: Year 1 – Summer Overview 2023-2024 [PDF]
Download: Year 1 – Spring Overview 2023-2024 [PDF]
Download: Year 1 – Autumn Overview 2023-2024 [PDF]
Download: Year 1 – Summer Overview 2022-2023 [PDF]
Download: Year 1 – Spring Overview 2022-2023 [PDF]

Download: Year 1 – Long Term Overview 2023-2024 [PDF]

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Brief Overview

Year 1 is the start of key stage 1 and children start working within the National Curriculum. They are now taught English, Maths, Read Write Inc Phonics, Science, RE, History, Geography, Computing, Art, DT, PE, Games, RSHE and Music. Please look at our curriculum pages to find out further information.

At the end of year 1, the children will take a statutory phonics screening check which assesses their ability to use their phonics skills when reading. The Year 1 Phonics Screening Check was designed to identify which pupils need additional support with certain areas of phonics as they progress. The Check consists of 40 words and non-words that your child will be asked to read one-on-one with a teacher. Non-words (or nonsense words, or pseudo words) are a collection of letters that follow phonics rules your child has been taught, but don’t mean anything – your child will need to read these with the correct sounds to show they understand the phonics rules behind them. The children are taught phonics daily through Read Write Inc lessons and you can support this through practising at home.

Check out this great website: to support your child’s development.

Homework in Year 1

Homework will usually consist of a maths activity or worksheet and a piece of phonics homework or phonics book to read, which they have been learning about that week in Read Write Inc sessions. Handwriting will also be given out over the course of the year to help the children practice their pre-cursive handwriting.

Homework will be given out each Friday and is due in the following Thursday.

Reading at home is another fundamental skill in which we encourage you to read with your child daily at home, both their reading book and other stories that you can share together. All children will be sent home with reading journals and a reading for pleasure book which the children choose themselves each week.

Reading journals will be looked at on Thursdays and books will be changed to take home on Friday, so please support us by reading with your children each night if possible and completing their reading journals.

Other Important Information

PE is on a Monday and Thursday this Summer. Please ensure your children have the correct PE kit (White T-Shirt, Black Shorts and Pumps) in on these days.

Useful Resources

Below are links to RWI videos you can use at home to help improve your Phonics:

Set 2 Sound Videos

Set 2 Sound Video 1
Set 2 Sound Video 2
Set 2 Sound Video 3
Set 2 Sound Video 4
Set 2 Sound Video 5
Set 2 Sound Video 6
Set 2 Sound Video 7
Set 2 Sound Video 8
Set 2 Sound Video 9
Set 2 Sound Video 10
Set 2 Sound Video 11
Set 2 Sound Video 12
Set 2 Sound Video 13
Set 2 Sound Video 14
Set 2 Sound Video 15
Set 2 Sound Video 16
Set 2 Sound Video 17
Set 2 Sound Video 18
Set 2 Sound Video 19
Set 2 Sound Video 20
Set 2 Sound Video 21
Set 2 Sound Video 22
Set 2 Sound Video 23

Set 3 Sound Videos

Set 3 Sound Video 1
Set 3 Sound Video 2
Set 3 Sound Video 3
Set 3 Sound Video 4
Set 3 Sound Video 5
Set 3 Sound Video 6
Set 3 Sound Video 7
Set 3 Sound Video 8
Set 3 Sound Video 9
Set 3 Sound Video 10
Set 3 Sound Video 11
Set 3 Sound Video 12
Set 3 Sound Video 13
Set 3 Sound Video 14
Set 3 Sound Video 15
Set 3 Sound Video 16
Set 3 Sound Video 17
Set 3 Sound Video 18
Set 3 Sound Video 19
Set 3 Sound Video 20
Set 3 Sound Video 21
Set 3 Sound Video 22
Set 3 Sound Video 23
Set 3 Sound Video 24
Set 3 Sound Video 25
Set 3 Sound Video 26
Set 3 Sound Video 27
Set 3 Sound Video 28
Set 3 Sound Video 29
Set 3 Sound Video 30
Set 3 Sound Video 31
Set 3 Sound Video 32
Set 3 Sound Video 33
Set 3 Sound Video 34